Ten Exciting Reasons to Move to a Cloud Phone System

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Cloud phone systems have come along and completely changed how businesses communicate. Ushering legacy landline phone systems out the door with next-gen features, cost-efficiency and incredible flexibility, this is future-ready tech that gives small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to enjoy enterprise-grade communications.

We’re going to take a look at ten compelling reasons your business should move to a cloud phone system. If you already have, you may find some features listed below you weren’t aware of!

1. Connect Your Landline Anywhere

Your landline has been ditched and your phone has been liberated from the confines of your office! With a cloud phone system, all you need is an internet connection to be able to take and receive audio or video calls, as well as enjoy all the other features on the system. You can take your business calls from your home office, when you’re on the road, at the airport… or sunning yourself on a Gold Coast beach. This seamless connectivity empowers remote work, allowing your team to remain responsive and reachable regardless of location.

2. Webphone and Softphone Technology

Legacy phone systems were expensive, cumbersome and overdue for an upgrade. With a cloud phone system, you can say goodbye to all that outdated hardware, embracing softphone and webphone technology instead. You don’t need a physical phone thanks to the ability to make calls from your computer or any connected mobile device. Not only does this reduce capital expenditure on equipment, but your cloud-based phone won’t operate within the confines of a predicted lifespan.

3. Effortless User Updates

Centralised management of all your company phone users takes away the cumbersome overwhelm of managing and updating phone users. Instead, it’s just done in a single swift action from IT HQ. Admin tasks become streamlined and less error- prone, with adding new employees, updating user permissions, or making changes to existing accounts all becoming easy and efficient.

4. Customizable Calling Controls

Cloud phone systems place extensive call control in your hands, giving admin the power of restricting or allowing specific calls for different departments or individuals. This precise control can be used to enhance security or ensure compliance with company policies, while also being important for controlling costs.

5. Personalized Phone Environments

Cloud phone users can experience complete personalisation capabilities of their phone environment. Customisable settings include on-hold music, call forwarding and different messaging options. Phone settings can be tailored to match personal as well as company styles, helping create a consistent professional image for your business.

6. Comprehensive Unified Communications

With Unified Communications, all your communication tools are integrated into a single platform. This allows for a streamlined workflow and enhanced collaboration abilities, with features including:

Video Conferencing – conduct virtual meetings with multiple attendees.

Webinar – conduct online seminars with attendees from anywhere in the world.

Scheduling  –  calendars are integrated into chat and emails allowing for easy scheduling.

Meeting Recordings – audio and video calls can be recorded for later review.

Join On the Go – the mobility of a cloud phone system means you can join meetings or conferences from anywhere.

Easily Sharing Content – being cloud based, content can be shared and projects can be collaboratively worked on in real time.

Chat – integrated chat functionality means quick comms and improved collaboration.

7. Advanced Call Queuing and Reporting

Every business wants to improve its customer service, and call management is an effective way of doing this. Cloud phones allow for optimized call handling processes, which reduces wait times and ensures the caller gets to the person they want to speak to. Real-time reporting provides valuable insights into call metrics, helping management make data-driven decisions. Call recording capabilities are also essential for quality assurance and training.

8. Versatile User Feature Control

Cloud phones are designed to be used by businesses of all sizes in a multitude of industries. From large-scale enterprises to small hospitality businesses, users will enjoy the versatility of full user feature control. This means they can tailor their system to meet the specific needs of their sector. For example, a retail outlet might focus on features that improve their customer service, while a large oil and gas company might prioritise security and compliance.

9. Scalable Multi-Site Management

Multi-site businesses face plenty of challenges when it comes to unifying and managing their communications. You may have multiple business locations across Australia, or even internationally. A cloud system allows you to simply oversee and coordinate your communication infrastructure with scalable structural management and control features. It doesn’t matter how many sites you operate, you’ll enjoy communication consistency across all of them by a system that supports your future growth.

10. Seamless CRM Integration

This is a big one. You want a cloud phone system that easily integrates with your customer relationship management (CRM) software, as this vastly improves customer interactions, amongst other benefits. Customer data is readily available during calls, allowing for a more personalised service from the client-facing operator. All customer interactions are easily tracked, with accurate records of what transpired during calls made. This is a surefire way of streamlining your client admin, improving efficiency and delivering a superior customer service.  

Let’s Talk Cloud Phones!

You’ve seen how cloud phones can revolutionise business communication – now it’s time to implement the unparalleled features and capabilities in your business. Whether you’re a small business or a global corporation, SmileTel can implement a cloud phone system that’ll help you stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

It starts with a phone call… so get in touch today and a member of our team will answer all your questions!

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