Brisbane Partner: AAPT

AAPT: Australian Telecommunications Infrastructure

Looking for Australia’s leading wholesale wholesale, business grade telecommunications carrier? You’ve found AAPT, a high performing network that Smiletel is proud to partner with to bring you the best in communication coverage. 

Smiletel can provide your business with leading data, voice, cloud, internet and mobile services as a result of our partnership with AAPT, who are the owners and operators of one of the largest IP networks in Australia. 

Part of the TPG Telecom Group

AAPT are part of TPG Telecom, the second largest telecommunications company listed on the ASX and home to some of the most recognised brands in Australia, including Vodafone and iiNet. TPG is an advocate for providing choice to consumers, driving competition to improve quality and only delivering the best services and products. 

Consistent growth over the years has brought great opportunity to TPG, which they have used responsibly to carry themselves as an accountable and sustainable business. AAPT is their wholesale telecommunications provider, helping Australian businesses enjoy the best in class of communication and collaboration. 


High Quality Solutions

How does AAPT deliver such advanced performance across all levels of its business? They focus purely on partnerships with business customers. By working with telecoms companies like Smiletel in Brisbane, they can streamline their efforts into being the best wholesale provider in Australia. 

Not only do they have an exceptionally professional team, AAPT’s infrastructure network covers more than 11,000 kilometres of fibre across 410 exchanges. Their progressive nature ensures this is growing all the time, with super fast speeds bringing the best in internet and voice solutions to businesses across the country. Get in touch with Smiletel for more information about how this can benefit your business. 

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