Brisbane Partner: Vocus

Vocus: Fibre and Network Solutions for Australia

Vocus is the owner of Australia’s second largest intercapital fibre network. A wholesale telecommunications provider, Vocus provide what they have called “brilliant made simple”. By combining world class expertise, progressive solutions and local support, they take the complexity out of business IT, from enterprise level to small business. 

Smiletel are proud to be a Brisbane partner for Vocus. We always strive to bring our clients the best products and services available in Australia, and Vocus fits nicely into that category. 

Boosting Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is at the forefront of most business roadmaps today. We’re trying to adapt to new methods of work, where working from home is a feature and communication and collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. 

With Vocus, you can start to implement resilient and secure methods of progressing further into the digital space. If you need a scalable and agile IT ecosystem, Vocus can help form a foundation that will accommodate the needs of your business as they change. From advanced connectivity to hybrid cloud solutions, Smiletel and Vocus can keep you innovating. 

Reducing IT Costs

You want an IT strategy that balances costs with the need to digitally transform. It must adapt to a mobile workforce while keeping networks and team members secure as they collaborate online. Reduced costs aren’t just about low fees. They’re about improved productivity, no downtime, simplified management and optimised resources. 

With the help of Vocus, Smiletel can will implement all of those for you. If you’re ready to progress into the future, get in touch. We’d love to help you do it in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.